Welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself briefly. Exercising of one type or another has always been a part of my life. I began with ballet, which I still love, and during the happy years I spent at the University of Economics I took part in sporting and modern gymnastics. After the birth of my children I continued to take part in exercising, now as a trainer for parents and children. At that time aerobics was already beginning to find a place in our gyms. Over time I passed a number of courses for trainers of aerobics and keep-fit bodybuilding. I was also very attracted to yoga, which helped me cope with the daily stress of working life.

I gradually became familiar with the various methodological approaches of the leading Czech aerobics trainers. I was always most impressed by the trainers who knew how, in a simple but comprehensible way, to explain both how and why to practise different exercises. They were able to enthuse their students with their personal approach.

I think that during the more than 25 years I have spent as a trainer, I have created my own approach based on always explaining an exercise and its effects and the importance of purposeful movement for both body and mind.

I have been most influenced by the approach of Helena Jarkovská, the doyenne of Czech aerobics. Indeed, it was in her Czech Wellness Academy that I qualified in 2008 as a “wellness trainer and consultant”. That qualification, my most recent, is the logical continuation of all my previous activity in the field of fitness, because wellness offers us a full life at any age.

At present I am involved in my life-long hobby on a full-time basis. In addition to courses of exercises for regenerating the spine (SM system), which I have now been organizing for 6 years, I have also been regularly giving Pilates lessons for four years, as well as exercises on large and small balls. My favourite equipment also includes therabands and stability trainers. My lessons are attended by women (and men!) of all ages and levels of physical ability. I find that very encouraging and motivating.

I also work as a personal trainer, and create individualized fitness programmes for my clients. I get great satisfaction from my activity as a teacher of new trainers in the SM system (spine regeneration) method on courses organized and run by the author of that method Dr. Richard Smíšek.

In recent years I have gained valuable experience as a teacher at events held by the Czech Association for Sport for All.

Since 2008 I have been giving lessons in Pilates and exercises on fit balls at Helena Jarkovská’s Fit Club. I have been also operating as a teacher of new instructors at the Czech Aerobics School within the framework of the Fit Club.

You will find below a list of the certificates and diplomas which I have obtained in the field of fitness/wellness in recent years. I think, however, that the most important thing is the ongoing interest shown by you, my students, in the exercise lessons I offer. You are the ones who give most meaning to my efforts.

Qualifications in the following areas:

  • SM system certificates – exercising for regeneration and rehabilitation of the spine
  • "Fitness Instructor" licence
  • FISAF certificate from a specialised Power Yoga Basic course
  • Pilates method diploma
  • Fitness Instructor licence with Personal Trainer specialisation
  • Indoor cycling instructor certificate
  • Aqua-fitness instructor certificate
  • Certification of requalification as a wellness sports instructor
  • Certificate from a specialised course within the FISAF programme for Gymstick-wellness

I offer the following exercise styles:

SM system = Stabilization and Mobilisation of the spine

Excercises according to Dr. Smíšek’s original methodology

Simple and very effective excercise, which:

  • Eliminates spinal stiffness
  • Expands spinal discs
  • Straightens and strengthens the spine
  • Eliminates increased curvature of the spine (lordosis, scoliosis, cyphosis)

The Excercise is suitable for everyone aged from 5 to 90, in particular:

  • To cure spinal pain, particularly to eliminate spinal stiffness
  • To eliminate raised muscular pressure in the spinal area, for example caused by long-periods working at a computer, sedentary occupations, repetitive movements etc)
  • To regenerate the mobile parts of the body (joints, ligaments, discs)
  • To create correct habits of movement, eg. right posture and correct position of the spine

Ballantes – exercises with small balls (overballs) suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical ability aimed at eliminating muscular imbalances (strengthening weakened muscles and stretching shortened muscles)

Pilates – this is one of the most effective fitness programmes aimed at improving physical appearance and condition. Most of the exercises are carried out on a mat on the floor. They take place at a slow, often individual tempo. These exercises increase the body’s flexibility, improve balance and coordination and shape the figure. Pilates is suitable for all age groups and levels of physical ability.

Fit balls – This type of exercise takes place on an unstable seating surface, and is therefore aimed at removing muscular imbalances, improving balance and movement coordination, developing correct posture, and stretching and strengthening muscles. It is suitable both for beginners and advanced students.